Mr Fung

I am so used to being in England now, even if they take me back to Hong Kong I am not going to be used to it. I?m satisfied here.

My name is Fung Kwok Hing, my age about twenty-two when I come to England first in 1960. I come here by ship, about thirty days in a ship, first in France, then to England.

I am from Hong Kong. In the 1950?s after World War 2, we found it very hard to get a job. We weren?t making a living. I lived in a village and because the living was so hard the Government actually said, ?Would you like to go to England to try and get a job there and make a living over there?? Where I was there were no jobs going, there was a lot of hardship you know, so that?s what I did.

I remember first when I come I stay in Yorkshire, Teeside in Stockton-on-Tee?s. I got a job as waiter, the customer give me the tips you know. I went to different places and then Birmingham as waiter in restaurant. So I can speak simple English, not much.

In 1962 or 1963 ten of us clubbed together to get a restaurant in Dudley. Then I saved some money, went home to Hong Kong and found a wife.

In 1966 I come to Dudley again to do the job, then in 1969 I start in the takeaway business in Cradley Heath and then I open my own business. But it was not very good so I sold it and went to Loughborough to open another takeaway business in 1970. In the 1960?s there was a lot of racism from the English people. Even in the takeaway I used to have a lot of hassle from English people being racist.

As my children were going to school in Loughborough, I stayed there for a few years, then went back to the West Midlands. I have two sons and two daughters. They all went to university. I had my own property before, but I gave it to my children after I separated from my wife and came to a Trident home.

It?s good. They treat us good. In this area there is a very big park, every morning I go to exercise. Is Birmingham my home? I had no choice at that time because I couldn?t go back to Hong Kong and start all over. So we have to stick with it, even though there is racism, we have to stick with it and stay because we would be out of touch if we go back to Hong Kong.

I am so used to being in England now, even if they take me back to Hong Kong I am not going to be used to it.

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