Role of Housing Associations and the Council

Housing Associations, also referred to as Registered Providers of social housing (RP), are established to provide housing to those deemed eligible by law.

Through the community areas where they are located or have their homes, the Housing Associations spend time and resource to develop and enrich the community life. This may include providing advice to residents of the area on how to access education, learn new skills or a trade, or become more involved with voluntary or local groups.

Housing Associations work in partnership with the local councils where they operate to help people know when the council may be able to provide information to solve a query. This type of signposting may also be to specific organisations who can help to fulfill a particular need, for example the Ladywood Furniture Project in Birmingham: so a new family can buy furniture for their home at reduced prices.

Social housing providers such as Birmingham City Council and voluntary Housing Associations are often important in helping newcomers settle and integrate. Early days after arriving in a new city are particularly confusing if you don't understand the systems, don't understand English so well and may have been fleeing for your life. Often relief at arrival is followed by anxiety and desperation with the barriers you face. A helpful landlord, adviser, housing officer or neighbour who takes some time to help the newcomer understand their surroundings can make a big difference to feelings of welcome in the short and long term.

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