About Migration

Why do people migrate

Migration could be described as movement to find a new home.

Home could be:

  • Where someone lives

  • Where a group lives together

  • A place where someone feels that they belong

  • A safe place where a person can find refuge and safety or live in security

  • Place of assistance where somebody who is in need of care, rest, or medical attention can stay or find help

When people do move, there are different titles given to describe them based on the reasons why they are migrating. For example:

Refugees: Persons outside their country of origin who are unable or unwilling to return, owing to a well-founded fear of persecution.

Returnees: Persons who were of concern to the international community when outside of their country of origin and who remain so for a limited period after their return.

Internally displaced people: Persons displaced by conflict within their country. The UN assists some groups of internally displaced.

Asylum seekers: Persons who have left their countries of origin and have applied for recognition as refugees in other countries and whose applications are still pending.

Others of concern: Persons who are in refugee like situations but who have not formally been recognized as refugees. This covers, among others, victims of war in the former Yugoslavia and various groups in the CIS countries.

These definitions provided through the UN official website, Cyberschoolbus learning resources

Economic migrant: a person who leaves their home country to live in another country with better work or living conditions.

Displaced persons: someone who has been forced to leave their home, especially because of war or a natural disaster

These definitions provided through Cambridge Dictionary online

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